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  • Farm Wolhuterskop
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Hours not available. Please contact BHM Bricks at 058 3038690.

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  • Oelrich

    Thu, Nov 26 11:23 AM 08****000

    If you had a vehicle between Ladybrand and Thaba Nchu this afternoon Thursday at 1540, I believe you should know that, about 15 kms outside of Ladybrand, it overtook an equally slow/slower vehicle on a double white line, travelling so that it covered almost more than half of the oncoming lane, exposing itself and all of us following, to tremendous danger - there was an oncoming vehicle which had to pull right off far beyond the yellow line on its side. I was alone in my vehicle, could not take the number down or photograph it but am happy to verify this to anyone. Such a driver should be bannned - he does not know the rules of the road - it does not matter how slow the other vehicle is - you may NOT overtake on a double white line!!!!! PLease address this for the sake of all SA citizens.

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