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Drs. J.P. Prinsloo Inc, founded 53 years ago (1956),  is the oldest homeopathic practice in South Africa. The practice focuses on the homeopathic treatment of all conditions, with a special interest and well established track record in the homeopathic treatment of infertility. For more information on homeopathy, infertility, general medical information, the history of homeopathy, the training and registration of homeopaths, links to finding a homeopath near you, advice on wellness and nutrition, diets, a glossary of infertility terms and other alternative infertility treatments, complementary and alternative health, slimming, disease listing and links to information web sites, adhd, insomnia, impotence, low back pain, sciatica, lumbago, cardiovascular heart disease, asthma, homeopathic advice and links to homeopathy laboratories and products available in pharmacies, food supplements, vitamins and minerals, detox, heavy metal poisoning and toxicity, scheduled medicine side-effects.

"I contend that the great physicians differ from the good physicians because they understand the entire story. Each patient represents a story. That story includes their diseases, their new problem, their social situation, and their beliefs. Only when we understand the complete story do we make consistent diagnoses." - Dr. Robert Centor, Professor of Medicine at the University of Alabama, Birmingham

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Hours not available. Please contact Drs. J.P. Prinsloo Inc Homeopathic at 0123334920.

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