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Year Establish : 2015

South African History,#Clues

Batswana, Pedi, Sotho - ' Sotho means people coming from the South of Africa ( indigenous people of South of Africa)

Description & historic meaning behind the words/names

Sotho people - people coming from the South of Africa

Bapedi - Two kids of the king originally from Batswana Bakgatlha'King Sekhukhuni' Thulare

Sekhukhuni - a child born from the Cave 'creeper'

Hottentots - description of early ancestors of Batswana compared to a tiny people as a seeds 'tots' by early white settlers.

Khoisan - Xhosas 'white settlers could not pronounce X for Xhosa then they said ' we met Khoisas''

Basarwa - people coming after a while like drizzling rain from Angola to Botswana & Namibia.

Boersman - mix kids after arrival of white settlers and their male slaves from Asia, India.This name Boersman sounded so insulting and the Bushmen remain to be better name, however all Africans from Bantu or Sothos were called Bushmen as they were hunters gather ' ? & hunting was the only way I life as they never had electricity or any modern Life style.

Kgalagadi 'Kalahari' - a dry/thirsty place that has no water

Hours :

Hours not available. Please contact Batswana at 065 927 9023.

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