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Can I go out to restaurants?

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Can I go out to restaurants?

Of course you can! What better way is there to experience local cuisine other than going to a local restaurant? South Africa is a land full of flavours and colours when it comes to local dishes and you will not be disappointed when you get a taste of South Africa.

Different restaurants

You do not have to look very far when deciding to dine out. Restaurants are plentiful and offer a wide variety of dishes from around the world. South Africa is host to many of the top international restaurants and fast food outlets, including Spur Steak ranches, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds.

If you rather want to enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, you have a variety to choose from, ranging from Chinese food, Greek cuisine and Halaal compliant food outlets. Never forget the traditional cuisine restaurants.

Each region in South Africa has a speciality meal, but the unique meals are available at restaurants all over the country and not limited to the area of origin. South Africans are proud of their heritage and therefore you will find specific delicacies in various areas.

Restaurants in South Africa are modern and situated in central areas that are easily accessible. Sometimes you may have to travel a bit further to reach a specific restaurant that specialises in certain cuisine, but you can be sure that it will be worth your effort.

Restaurants needs to register at the Health Board and must adhere to the strictest rules to stay in business, so you can be sure that the foods you receive are of the highest quality and safety.

Many themed restaurants are available in true African style, offering you traditional African cuisine with decor and live entertainment to match the cuisine. Traditional dancers will liven up your evening and leave you with a true African feeling.

Traditional dishes

One of the first dishes that come to mind when thinking of South Africa is the traditional “braai”, known elsewhere as a barbeque. There are many restaurants offering a buffet meal that includes meat that have been flame grilled. Many restaurants have you choose your own piece of meat and then braai it for you on an open flame while you wait.

Being a country where hunting is allowed in certain seasons, you can expect many restaurants offering venison in an array of types, depending on what wildlife is local to that region.

Other traditional dishes offered in the fine restaurants are Bobotie, a meal very similar to cottage pie, but made with raisins also added, corn type porridge, known as “Pap” and a local thick spicy farm style sausage.

Coastal towns have the local specialities in seafood in the form of indigenous fish types such as “Snoek”, crayfish and abalone. Franchised restaurants now offer these delicacies country wide at the highest quality.

Lastly we have to mention the traditional deserts that are true to South Africa. Milk tart, koeksisters, sago and melkkos are the favourites. Enjoy these deserts with custard or sugar, or any way you wish, but definitely treat yourself to these.

You do not need to be able to pronounce the names to enjoy the taste.

29 Aug 2012
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