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What do nurseries do?

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What do nurseries do?

Nurseries are to nature lovers as the circus is to children. Nurseries are quaint pieces of paradise within city boundaries. It is a place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is nature at your fingertips.

Nurseries are probably best known to be a place where plants are sold. It is indeed true, but it is so much more than just a plant shop. We will therefore first start with the plants and then continue to sing praises to the other attributes.

Nurseries are probably the first place where a person will start when they want to buy plants for their garden. Even if you do not have an outdoor garden, you will be sure to find plants for indoors as well in the form of pot plants. Nurseries stock indigenous and exotic plants. Plants are always seasonal and you can find it in all stages: seedlings, saplings and young plants to fully grown plants. The age of the plant determines its price.

Staff at nurseries has good knowledge of plants and garden design. They are trained to give expert advice on which plants to plant, where to plant it and how to take care of your plants. They will guide you on which products to use to stimulate healthy growth and how to treat pests.

Nurseries are a feast for the eye as all the plants in various stages of growth are on display. Nurseries have inter-branch competitions on creating the best garden designs within the premises with the plants available. The competitive spirit makes for a feast for garden lovers.

A feature that many nurseries offer is a tea garden within the nursery. Words cannot describe the atmosphere when friends and family enjoy tea and cake and conversation surrounded by beautiful plants. The menus available provides for snacks with your tea and even full meals. Nurseries utilise all the elements found in a garden, such as water features and ornaments and combined with the great South African weather we have, it creates a peaceful atmosphere where you can just relax and take a break from your daily routine.

Many nurseries have additional services and venues where functions can be held. Halls and chapels or gazebo's creates a favourite venue to have a wedding. Imagine the beautiful bride walking down an isle surrounded by plants and strewn with petals from fresh flowers and roses. When a nursery offers a function venue, it usually also provide catering options to choose from for your function.

Play areas are available for children, providing hours of fun to play while their parents enjoy the plants and tea garden. This creates the perfect surrounding to have children's parties. Many nurseries also have domesticated animals like bunnies, tortoises and birds which you can touch and feed. Pony and donkey rides are favourites to entertain the kids.

The concept of modern nurseries is truly a remarkable idea to provide a much needed break. It is a place where you can experience the country and make an hour break feel like a holiday. And it is at you front step.

04 Sep 2012
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