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Find an electrician in South Africa

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Find an electrician in South Africa

Being an electrician is a career that many people underestimate. What many people do not realise is the amount of skill required to be an electrician. Electricity provides light for darkness, warmth in the winter and can help you cool off during warm summer days. Without electricity, our lives would be very different and without electricians, we are left in the dark.

South Africa has many laws regarding electricity. Electricity not only makes or lives better; it is also very dangerous if not applied safely. The rules and regulations are for the safety of each person and all people have to adhere to it.

To become an independent electrician, the person needs to do various strict courses to obtain his qualifications. With the correct qualifications,he can register at the Industry Council of South Africa. Without qualificationsand certification, he may only work as an assistant electrician.

There are many instances when a qualified electrician is required. When you want to buy or sell a house, both the buyer and the seller need to obtain certificates from registered electricians to verify that the electric wiring in each house is correct and up to standard. This is done to protect both parties against harm and law suits and to protect the electrician.

To find an electrician, you can contact the Industry Council for a list of qualified electricians. This is the best place to get information, as you know the electrician is properly qualified. Many electricians register at companies contracting electricians to do part time work or handy man work. You can contact those companies to send out an electrician, or give you the contact details of someone to contact.

You should do some research on the internet on where to find electricians. Almost all the companies offering handymen services have a website. The good thing about these websites is that they normally have a forum where clients can post reviews. It is good to read reviews on these services as electricity is not something to take lightly and you need to be assured that you will receive the best possible service.

If you do not have access to the internet, obtain a copy of your local newspaper.Newspapers have a classified section where services such as electricians are published. When you contact electricians, ask for certification of their qualification and ask for references of their previous work.

A few important factors to remember when locating an electrician, is distance, cost and the date and time when you require their services. Find out what their costs involve, for instance if they have a call out fee and what they ask for labour. A local electrician will have a better call out fee. Find out if they keep parts at hand if anything needs replacing or if you will need to purchase the parts. The time and date is also very important, especially in an emergency. Most electricians will ask a larger fee if they need to assist after hours.

As with all other services, word of mouth and a good reputation is the best advice on finding an electrician.

04 Sep 2012
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