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  • Marione Bailey

    Tue, Jan 27 08:38 AM 07****778

    In September last year someone rear ended me. As I am uninsured, I approached the person's insurance and in September it was referred to De Villiers and Bierman. I must say my dealings with them have shocking. There was no communication unless I followed up. I was asked to send documentation, when I followed up there were other requests made. All the documents have been sent and I have been advised that I will be contacted with and offer. That was the 19th of December. Twice I have followed up with Annike Bezuidenhout to give me details of a person I can contact i.r.o. the offer since then and we are now on the 26th of January and still no response. For a claim that is really straight forward, this is beyond ridiculous. What possible reason could there be there be for this matter to take 5 months and the meantime I have drive around with a damaged vehicle. I shudder to think what would have happened if my vehicle was not drivable. I am totally disgusted!

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