Simply Fish (Moreleta Park)

012 9970131


Hours not available. Please contact Simply Fish (Moreleta Park) at 012 9970131.
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  • Rene Coetzee

    Mon, Jan 18 11:41 PM 08****365

    My 3rd visit to this restaurant. Had very high expectations but was deeply disappointed. I should have realised when I saw the restaurant was not as busy as usual but at first thought nothing of it. When we got our orders it was clear that the promised freshness and quality was no longer available. The food was horrible and the waiter was dodgy, "miscalculating" the bill by a lot and he was not surprised nor apologetic when it was pointed out to him. In this economy it is heartbreaking to spend so much money only to regret it. And then management does not even respond to complaints.

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