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  • AM Swanepoel

    Tue, Sep 20 12:16 AM 07****147

    Ja, julle wou nie luister nie. Pasop vir hierdie prokureurs; ek het al in twee trustee-firmas gewerk waar hierdie prokureurs meer vrae as antwoorde los. Hou rekord van al u betalings. Ek belowe die geld raak weg hier.

  • Rebecca

    Thu, Feb 25 06:46 AM 08****189

    I was unfortunate enough to have these attorneys represent me in my sequestration application. After about 18 months the sequestration was eventually granted but have now been struggling for a year to get details of the curator....they keep blaming the Master of the High Court and all I get is sarcastic responses from Nicoleen Botes that I should call the master myself after paying them a fortune to do this for me. They are the worst attorneys and I will definitely report them to the Law Society so no-one else is conned like I was.

  • doctorlisa

    Sat, Aug 29 12:12 PM 08****506

    I first heard about him 5yrs ago on radio & TV. I also read about him in newspapers being appreciated by a lot of people because of his wonderful work he did for them. My name is Mr. S. Naidoo. It all started when we got an accident, everything started changing from home to business .My wife started fighting me every time I got home, my business Declined, All friends left me Eventually My wife ran away from me .I was down reaching to an extent of taking my life away. But when I saw the article in News paper again I decided to call and inquire for help from Chief sanga, I booked for an appointment to His Temple In Sandton Johannesburg. When I arrived there, I was shocked when he mentioned everything that had happened in my life before I could say anything

  • francois le grange

    Tue, Mar 03 02:01 AM

    Dear Jacques, Mel, Paul,Carine and whomever else. I suggest you lay complaints with the SAPS (Commercial crime) as it seems there is a pattern of behaviour bordering on criminal. Also suggest complaints to Law Society re unethical behaviour. They without teeth, but recurring incidents might raise a red flag.They ignore all correspondence, never revert to clients and money disappears, without even reporting or providing statements of account.

  • Jacques

    Thu, Sep 04 11:10 PM

    Ek wil saamstem met al die persone wat ontevrede is.Ek het vrywillige boedel oorgawe oorweeg en dit ge kanseleer maar hulle trek elke maand geld by my bank rekening af. Het al paar mails gestuur maar kry nie eers reaksie uit hulle nie.Die 2 dames T.... en T..... reageer nie eers op my mails nie.
    PASOP ek dink daar is baie beter en eerliker regsverteenwoordigers.

  • mel

    Tue, Jan 07 11:42 PM 07****606

    i wish that they had helped me out, but i lost money and now im in a worst position than i was before. i have had to use another attorney to get back money they refuse to refund me. i am at a loss. instead of helping me they hindered me regarding my sequestration. i paid a years worth of fees and had to start over with another attorney

  • Paul

    Tue, Dec 10 11:25 PM 08****557

    these people rip you off, please don't deal with them, they don't do the work, they charge you for fees without consulting you first, then charge a huge fee when you want to move to other competent attorneys.

  • carine josey

    Wed, Sep 19 12:34 PM

    These attorneys are scoundrels. We asked them to handle our rehabilitation in May 2011 and through the last year nothing has been done to effect our rehab, this after numerous court appearances.
    We decided to see another attorney in June 2012, he applied for our rehabilitation and got it the 1st TIME!. Schoonraad is a waste of time and money

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