S A Nursing Council

012 4201000 http://www.sanc.co.za

Nurses and Nurses' Institutes.


Hours not available. Please contact S A Nursing Council at 012 4201000.
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  • mmapitsi

    Sun, Oct 16 08:58 PM 07****076

    Hi I would like to study at your nursing school.please send me the requirements and fees

  • keatlegile lucia thage

    Wed, Aug 10 05:57 AM 07****891

    i would really like to study @ your college please email me all the information and tuition fee

  • mejury mpofu

    Sat, May 14 10:09 AM 07****117

    I need to study in your institution.please assist me with detailed informstion of your requirements

  • kgomotso

    Mon, May 09 07:22 PM

    Can you please send me all the requirement,I would like to study at your institute

  • kedibone

    Wed, Dec 23 09:46 PM

    Looking for nursing college

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