Brandmania:Centre Place 267 Church St

012 3287728


Hours not available. Please contact Brandmania:Centre Place 267 Church St at 012 3287728.
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  • elaine

    Sun, Sep 07 08:26 AM 07****590

    where is the shop now, cause its not in church st anymore..

  • stanley

    Wed, Aug 27 05:41 AM 07****656

    Where can i find this shop now because i went to Pretoria Church street where it was relocated i found it closed "To LET" please help me.

  • Phumla

    Tue, Apr 22 02:42 AM 08****210

    This shop is so cool! Expensive brands at super cool prices. I love it.

  • LIA

    Tue, Jan 21 03:30 AM 08****310

    Love it Love it soo much. Especially their range of Guess Jeans and shirts, a week dont go by without buying something there, Oh not forgeting their nine west shoes :-)

  • ntabiseng

    Mon, Dec 02 04:48 AM 08****469

    excellent store,please bring more nine west love the store.

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