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  • Lynn

    Thu, Dec 12 11:19 PM

    It's such a shame. I only wish they'd treated my daughter the same as Phem's.
    The unfortunate part is that the principal has not taken any responsibility.
    She didn't even bother to pitch at the court case.
    We paid the school fees on time. We even paid for our daughter's school pics and she hasn't produced that either.
    She rather sends us messages saying she wants to take her life.
    That's not someone I want looking after my child.

  • Phem

    Tue, Nov 26 04:21 AM 01****212

    My son started at Step by Step Nursery school 2011 when we moved in Linmeyer and myself and my husband were happy with the outcome as they indeed took care of our son,he was in Grade R when he started, the teachers prepared him well for Grade 1, he got very confident, could speak english fluently,and he could write very well, we forever appreciate the efford of his teachers.Our son's litle HAPPY FACE said it all. . He is now in Primary School doing very well.Hes doing Grade 2 now and hes in top 5 in his classroom as we speak and still striving to be the top in his class.

    We decided to take our daughter in as well Jan 2013, she is 2 years old, you should she how excited she becomes every single morning to go to crech, we so happy and the warmth,love we recieve everyday when we go fetch our daughter is overwhelming. The fact that we get feedback from the Pricinpal regarding how our daughter is doing from time to time.Parents I reccomed Step by Step Nursery school (Linmeyer)

  • Lynn

    Fri, Sep 20 11:32 AM

    When my family and I moved, we naturally started looking for a nursery school for my 2 year old little girl, that was not only closer to home but as good, if not better that the one she had been attending.
    After many phone calls, driving around and my own investigation, I found Step by Step.
    I was happy with what I was told - kids follow a guided teaching plan, open for business at convenient times, smaller classes which meant more focus on individuals.
    Unfortunately, when my baby girl started, this quickly turned sour.
    Among other things, my little girl came home with dirty underwear - twice. And once with some other child's socks on.
    I raised this with the teachers who couldn't provide an appropriate explanation.
    I don't believe I was unreasonable and like I'm sure any other mother would, I wanted my child out of there.
    We are now perusing legal action as the principal refuses to refund our money.
    What a disappointment.

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