Jimmy's Killer Prawns

Year Establish : 1991

Jimmy's Killer Prawns started with three successful restaurants prior to the first Jimmy’s Killer Prawns which was literally “Born from a dream".
Jimmy had a dream about a Sunday lunch he had, with a group of his friends, in Lourenco Marques (now Maputo). A group of about 20 of them sat on a long table drinking lots of “Gatao” wine and “Laurentina beer”. In his dream Jimmy had a birdseye view of the table from above. When the waiters brought out four huge platters of prawns and placed them in the centre of the table for all to share, as if through a camera lens, he zoomed in on a platter of these prawns and woke up. He then knew that prawns were the product he needed to focus on in the new restaurant.


Hours not available. Please contact Jimmy's Killer Prawns at 011 4475994.

Tags :   Breakfast   Lunch   Dinner   Burgers   Grill   Seafood   Kids Menu   Halaal  
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