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Hours not available. Please contact Eskom:FAULT REPORTING & CUSTOMER SERVICES ShareCall at 0860 037566.
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  • mosa

    Thu, Jun 29 12:59 PM 07****950

    Evening,there's a power outage hereat Mamelodi,Mahube Gem Valley,since 5:30am.Its freezing and we have a new born baby,please attend to this matter URGENTLY..thank you

  • Alson siko

    Wed, Jun 14 12:57 AM 07****851

    Power is off in my house as from last night the box is blank I don't no what happen I need help plz address 28809 igwetha street bardele mfuleni

  • tumelo

    Sun, May 14 11:29 AM 08****610

    electric faults power failures 07024482015

  • Robert

    Sat, May 13 11:34 AM 07****817

    We do not have power in our area

  • Phelelani

    Fri, May 12 12:54 AM 07****204

    Hello can i please get aassistance,We have electric pole at home and Eskom came on 2015 to connect electricity for the new yards on our pole,since then power trap each and everyday between 17:30 and 21:00,in the morning from 5:30 to 7:00 we have been reporting this reapetedly but Eskom just comes change whatever they change on the pole 30 minutes after they leave the problem start again.Its been 2 and half year since we are facing the problem and painful thing is that the same yard they connected does not trap like ours,they always have electricity.We are tired of always phoning Eskom but same problem comes again and again,we waist/spent lots of airtime in calling Eskom with no assistance.

  • Clearance

    Wed, Apr 19 04:21 PM 08****169

    We having problem with electrical wires here in marite Sandford there s some criminal who cutting the wires to the poles here next to emlazi tarven

  • Thomas

    Wed, Mar 29 01:13 PM 08****708

    House no50 ,51,52,53,49 has power failure for two days marievale Nigel ,visvaangar street .Nigel jhb

  • Norman Sharp

    Sun, Mar 05 06:14 AM 07****412

    no star available in a minus? pity would love to score them -100 no service here at all, can't get a reoly from the call centre, after following the prompts one has to hold on and on its absolutely ridiculous, reported a fault this morning at 7am still waiting for them to decide who takes the call out in mthatha its crazy, they have our cell numbers can't be bothered to phone us

  • Mokone

    Sun, Jan 08 10:18 PM 07****990

    we have been out of Electricity since Saturday the 07/01/2017 up until now. it is not the whole block but few houses and we did report the matter. it came back yesterday for few minutes now we in the dark again. this is unacceptable our food are getting spoiled as we speak. Moime village in Lenyenye/Tzaneen pole number LLV20/1/2204137184398

  • woodbridge

    Sat, Dec 24 04:54 AM 08****511

    24 Dec 2016 - no reply at faults the entire day !!!!!!!

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