Penzance Primary School

031 2052271


Hours not available. Please contact Penzance Primary School at 031 2052271.
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  • Beverly

    Wed, Sep 03 01:46 AM

    The serive I received at Penzance from the secretary regarding an admission enquiry was absolutely disgusting and shocking. This school still discriminates againsts parents of certain races and uses the proximity radius as a tool to exert power, unfairness and favouritisim. I live 5 mins away, have neighbours with children at this school and collegues living as far as Bluff (no siblings or "old girls/boys") yet I was simply dismissed like an animal and referred to worse off school in my area which was extremeley offensive and deplorable. It is a shame that such uncouth individuals are still in the employ of such an esteemed school yet they are bringing its reputation into disrepute as a school that takes first preference on the basis of race! Disgusting!

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