Greystone Wendy Houses

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Hours not available. Please contact Greystone Wendy Houses 021 7619891.
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  • Sofia Joubert

    Fri, Jul 11 03:35 AM 08****851

    I am was wating nearly two months for my wendyhouse, after begging and pleting by me and shouting from my attorney my wendy was up at last. But for another three and a half months I am still waiting for my toilette and handbasin to be install. I paid cash via a bond for my wendy house. I an sick and tired of your bad service it sucks. I will get someone ells to install my bathroom and you will give my money back for that. If you dont come and do my bathroom today or tomorrow I will stop all payments to you. Enough is enough. Stop taking Hardworking, good and Hornest People for a ride. This morning when I phoned youy dont answer your phone. Why not?

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