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We booked for a lovely Date night at The Lake Restaurant in Brakpan and we paid in full to receive a message this morning confirming the dress code and time ect and as i am reading the message at the bottom it says "No same sex couples" which was never mentioned in the advertisement for the Date night. When contacting the owner they stated that unfortunately they will not accept same sex couples on their Date night dinners but we more than welcome every other day. As the other couples feel very uncomfortable and they would rather state No same sax couples then loosing their other customers!!! Well in my eyes you have discriminated against the Gay community on your date night you really think i will support you any other day... i think not!!!!! The sad part of it all is that it was mentioned to me 4 times over the phone that they are Christians........ Well SURPRISE i too am Christian and My God i pray to is a GOD OF LOVE and NONJUDGMENTAL!!! Once again the Restaurant has been boug
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