Vodacom Shop:Brackenfell:Cape Gate Centre


Hours not available. Please contact Vodacom Shop:Brackenfell:Cape Gate Centre at 021 9826781.
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  • Elma Hein

    Mon, Apr 11 01:41 AM 07****946

    I am extremely disappointed in the level of service that I received at this outlet.

    I was there on Friday 8 April to take out a new contract. I was told that because of the "new system" at Vodacom, I could not get my phone at that stage but the contract will be in place on Saturday 9 April or at the latest Sunday 10 April. They would phone me. Nobody phoned. Sunday morning I went there again and was told that they would contact me at 14:00 same day to inform the status of my application. I AM STILL WAITING!!! I am an existing client of Vodacom and already have 3 contracts with them. I would've assumed that Vodacom will be happy for any new business but apparently not! Customer Service is CLEARLY not a priority at the Vodacom Shop, Cape Gate shopping centre.

  • Annemieke

    Thu, Mar 12 04:45 AM 08****940

    the phone just rings,,,

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