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  • Luleka

    Sun, Jun 25 08:47 AM 07****449

    I bought my 3 piece chicken liken which i craved so much from Rosebank The Zone. It was soooooodry! the pieces so small! no guys no! :-( i love you guys but no. i should have bought hot wings, and when i call the store they just say you can come change it,,,,

  • Unhappy Customer

    Mon, Jun 19 08:19 AM 07****247

    On the 18th June went to chicken licken prinsloo in pretoria for a service,But what I got was a bad attitude from a manager her self, I bought feed my craving and she punched opposite which is Rock my soul 3..When I tel her that is not what I bought she shouted at me..I am really disappointed on her because she was suppose to be example to the stuff..Her name was Phindile..

  • Joseph Sithole

    Sat, Jun 10 12:27 PM 08****233

    On the 10th of June 2017 we went to the store in Fordsburg gauteng area we were not happy with the service from the manager herself.we ordered food and we waited too long when we asked what was happening with our order ,we were told I order was not appearing on their side but we had our slip which had order no 2239 what made cross is that she didn't even apologize to us

  • Shannon

    Wed, Jun 07 05:11 AM 07****858


    I must say I'm actually disgusted with your hot sauce price increase. who has a 100% price increase. U sachets went from R1 for 2 to R2 fro 3 overnight. Not even ur hot sauce bottle had such a increase... u guys don't even offer the consumer a win win situation.. like R2 for 4 sachets or something... no u go 100% increase... i love Chicken Licken and literally always buy by the fast food restaurant... If u guys are not doing well financially don't drain the consumer for cash.. remember in life its the small things that count the most.. since your disgusting price increase on hot sauce.. i vowed to never buy Chicken Licken... its been over 2 or so weeks... i'm not enjoying this decision... but its a joy to get so many of my friends to do the same... i'm really disgusted.

    Former happy client

  • Jozi

    Thu, Jun 01 08:02 AM 01****8/9

    I just bought a 2 pcs from you guys, when i got to the store where im working it was a disaster, not even a dog would eat that, its like it was cooked 5 weeks ago. i just threw it away. im not happy at all about this. order number 10279.

  • Traci Govender

    Tue, May 30 05:48 AM 03****203


    I'm not sure if you guys have any control over Durban Phoenix branch but maybe u can assist. I love chicken licken we used to crave for it every week but recently the Phoenix branch is so salty its a put off, I'm surprised no one else complained. I just bought the wings from Gateway and it was divine (yummy), it made me miss having chicken licken.
    So if someone can just go there and taste how salty the chicken is in the phoenix branch I would really appreciate it. I miss have them as snacks when we having drinks :-)

  • Mpuseng Monamme

    Thu, May 25 10:36 AM 07****455

    I bought a bucket of 21 pieces for 255.90 in krugersdorp. When I got home I was supriced to see that the potions were very small and dry on top of it, the disapointment of paying so much for so little is the list I can say. I am not a happy customer I buy chicken licken most of the time but this was the first time and very disappointing to be givine small and dry pieces of chicken. I can understand when I get mixed potions but small the whole box I'm really not happy at all.

  • Renee

    Thu, May 18 02:23 AM

    Rating of this Store : -- 0000

    I like Chickin Lickin. Yesterday I decided to purchase Chickin Lickin for dinner. I went to the Balfour Park, Highlands North shop and placed my order.

    When I got home and my son took out his order it was the incorrect strength I had ordered.

    I said 3 times Original Burger NO NO spices, NO NO Cheese, yet he got a HOT HOT Burger.

    Needless to say the bun was thrown in the dustbin and the chicken pattie we had to scrap off as much of the HOT HOT sauce we could. He HATED the food because of the spice.

    Never ever again will I go to this store. On Google I see there are other complaints about this store.

    Time Management did something about staff that don't listen.

  • sammy

    Tue, May 09 08:20 AM 07****051

    Hi went to south gate chicken licken and bought soul sister 2. I asked for hot source and was told u have to pay R2. Need explanation to when was this implemented and why I have to pay for a source?

  • Clinton

    Mon, May 01 05:24 AM 07****198

    Very poor service at mall of Africa chicken licken today I'm a regular customer at your branch possibly I buy chicken licken 3 to 4 days in a week with a work colleague but today I stood 20 minutes just to receive my food after placing my order there was just no teamwork every one seems to be busy sorting out a big order for another customer which was totally a mess therefore misplacing my slip in the process until I asked were the hell was my food what's happening to my order because I only had 10 minutes remaining for my break to be over .i then took my order and left when I arrive at my car I open the boxes and to my surprise my entire order was incorrect which now made me even more furious after they wasted my entire break I do have pictures and I can gladly send it to you please supply me with an email.I could not go back to them and stand another 30 minutes to sort out something that could have been avoided in the first place .the food was extremely cold especially the chips

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