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  • Nthabiseng

    Wed, Apr 26 05:24 AM 08****082

    Am not happy with the service i got at Mall of the South branch,I was buying a Feed My Craving meal and asked the lady to put in only flat meat and I was told the way is not possible I mean am the customer and using my money so telling me that didnot put me well.

  • thembelihle

    Tue, Apr 25 03:30 PM 07****229

    good day

    the last tym we nearly caused a scene because of her crappy service she needs to be trained about customer service,and know that a customer is always right,i want my refund my order number is #2104 and i was serviced by landelile at 19:31:45 and her lousy manager please adress this matter as i will take it personal going forward.the kfc is based at bram fisher road at engen garage in randburg*i am expecting solutions to this matter as i dont have money to waste and will not accept any attitude from someone who needs to possesss customer service and ubuntu,for the fact that i asked them to double check the order and still they gave me incorrect order or request,im so boiling right now and i dont want to do anything that will cost me my freedom and my job

  • thembelihle

    Tue, Apr 25 03:28 PM 07****229

    good day

    i know i will sound very rude to the recipient of this email,the truth is i am so pissed off and annoyed with the service i receive at the chicken licken that i support on a daily basis almost 28days per month but the service is crap especially coming from this one rude manager,i always have a problem with my chicken pieces if im being serverd by her,its either the meat is too greesy and burnt or pieces are small and not neatly packaged,today i went there and spent 67,00 for two rock my souls and i told them i will wait for the meat as they had nothing left on the shelves but crumbs,i stood there for ten minutes and specified which type of pieces i want,the order was done at the counter i asked the lady who placed the order to double check if the pieces were correct,she opened the boxes returned the box to the manger to change the piece instead they gave me a wing,im so bloody boiling right now and its personal because this lady undermines people all the time

  • Ntombi

    Mon, Apr 24 05:33 AM +2****923

    We bought rock my soul 6 and just 2 original pieces of chicken on Saturday 22/04/2017 going to KZN around 16:21 pm and the meat was over fried and there was no skin on most of meat and it was too oily,as for the chips they were dry and tested like it was fried in a fish oil (fried fish oil used.We only saw these issue after Volkrust as we were in a hurry for some emergency we needed to take care in the rural.

    Good day,
    We were not happy with the food we got from your shop.Shop at Chris Hani Crossing order no:1332 cost of R99.80

  • Olwetu

    Thu, Apr 20 11:16 AM 07****635

    Chicken Licken in East London Oxford Street is very very slow where service is concerned. I'm here now and there were 4 cars in front of me (got here round about 18:40) at this moment I have not even paid. Hold up is at the collection center.
    A few days ago I even tried going in thinking maybe it's better inside......All the same. There is now a pile of cars behind me. I could understand if it's something that happened once a while but it happens every time I come here and I've been observing it for a while now.

  • Ronald

    Mon, Apr 17 02:56 AM 07****055

    I went to the Chicken Licken (Heidedal, Bloemfontein) last night to buy 6 pieces of chicken, 2 mini loafs and 2 ice creams.I asked the lady at the counter if she had put in salt and tomato sauce sachets. It was a total shock to hear that it costs R1.00 for 3 sachets of what is supposed to be condiments. I got 2 plastic spoons for my ice cream and ask the lady, why do I get teaspoons for my ice cream if I cannot get salt or tomato sauce for my chicken I bought. Now please, for the love of costing,is your cost controller or whoever regulates your selling price not supposed to cost all other 'non-food' items into the selling price. With this experience one can ask you the same again, why am I not paying extra for the serviette and box the chicken is going into?? Now back to costing, I might not be aware of the cost of a sachet of your sauce or salt, but I sure do understand that as a Food and Beverage Manager myself, the food I serve to my patrons goes with condiments, it is a standard

  • Lerato

    Tue, Apr 04 09:52 AM 07****546

    My name is Lerato from nelspruit. Contact number 0832691458 email i am writing this complaint mad and furious due to the state of poor service received from chicken licken nelspruit plaza in mpumalanga. I went to buy 2× hotwings snacks which was ringed at 17h09. My order number was 268. Little did I know that the wongs were not prepared which the cashier/attendant didn't inform us. I had to wait for 30 mins till my order can be issued which not even an apology was issued to say the least. This is pure disrespect to us as chicken licken customer who love this brand. It shames your brand and one had to miss her bus schedule due to such poor appalling service. I could understand if this was communicated to us so we are informed to decide whether we wait for the chicken or opt for other alternatives. I work in a service driven environment and am shamed that we still have establishments that treat us like this. This is dissapointing and distasteful.

  • Portia

    Fri, Mar 31 04:16 AM 06****133

    Chiken licken needs to consider the health of south Africans and others at the moment. They need to understand the difference between too much Salt and hot spiec. I love hot food and I can tolerate heat well. The chill in chichrn licken is fine but the amount of salt in chicken licken can stop the heart or raise blood pressure. Please reduce the salt in the spice u use. The other thing I noticed is that the thigh of chiken licken in bree and Boysen they r never complete they always remove some meat on that piece it's never the way a full thigh should be. Buy a thigh in KFC and compare it with chicken licken u will see what I mean.

  • Sizwe Nongalaza

    Fri, Mar 31 12:08 AM 08****115

    I went to buy chicken yesterday at your shop in cape rown adderley street i orderd a thigh, breast and chips i was so disgusted buy what i saw when i open the tiny box for R29 it was very small pieces a cut in half thigh worst of all i cudnt go back to complain becouse my lunch wa nearly ma colleages laughed at me saying i was knocked becouse those ppl are saving meat i even took a picture the meal was not filling at all 10 pieces of chips i was really dissapointed nd disgusted at that i KfC pieces are way much bigger than that i dont think i will ever go to chicken licken again u exploit ppl if thats what u serve R29 thèn

  • Pearl

    Thu, Mar 30 08:26 AM 07****376

    I am really disappointed by the Hatfield franchise. I bought 12 wings, today, that were clearly cooked in recycled oil. Not only were they dark brown in color, but they were also smelling of old oil.

    This is just totally unacceptable!

    I work for the largest company in this precinct and I am definitely going to create the awareness regarding this health hazard and waste of money. I had to throw the food away!

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