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  • Nathan

    Fri, Nov 24 10:16 PM 06****888

    I went to chicken licken at ormonde last. It was the worst service I ever had.I stood in the que for 20 minutes with the cashier not even acknowledging us in que they ran out of chicken and cars parked with customers waiting in lobby. I worked out without purchasing why should I spend my money when you don't care about me has your client.
    Disgusted with service levels and I will not return.

  • Esmeralda

    Tue, Nov 21 07:00 AM 07****323

    Bad over all, East Rand Mall branch, the tables was dirty, we had to call someone to clean the peoples messes, the chicken was too salty, could not even taste the chicken and the rolls was almost mold, the way it tasted sour.

  • Mona Botha

    Tue, Nov 07 02:27 PM 06****185

    Really felt for chicken licken hot wings today but v dissatisfied and disappointed it was so salty you could not eat without having to swallow liquid bought at Lenasia signet terrace branch

  • shamiema law

    Tue, Nov 07 02:41 AM 08****405

    Very disappointed in your krugersdorp branch in Johannesburg , the chicken was very oily AND the bread hard and dry. Not impressed

  • Natahsa

    Sat, Oct 07 11:26 AM

    I have recently visited your Chicken licken branch at the Smith Street in Durban Kwa-Zulu Natal. I had an issue with my order being delayed as everyone else whom had placed their order 10 mins after me had received their order. Yet I was still waiting. When I brought it to the attention of the tall Indian Manager at the branch. I was spoken to very rudely and told to wait for my order as it had taken longer to wait. I was brushed off after waiting a very long time and was spoken to abruptly in front of other customers. I was appalled to see the Manager behave this way only to look directly at him to see that he was high and smelt of drugs. I'm shocked to learn that such a brand dealing with food for people employs people of such standard. I was spoken to very badly and insulted in front of other. Customers. I understand that the store was busy. However I don't think waiting over 15 mins for my food and then being told that I can see the store is busy and that the order does take longer

  • Najma

    Mon, Oct 02 10:36 AM 07****374

    I have visited chicken licken today 2 Oct 17 at the new conubia mall in Durban it jus opened this weekend.i had purchased slyders I took at bite and realised the bun was stale when I swelt it it was sinking like a off smell I had to throw the whole meal I have a 4 month old baby so I was not going to go back there to complain.but it's disgusting as it is a new mall I would Never go back.

  • Sela

    Tue, Sep 12 08:18 AM 07****243

    Third time lucky does not exist here. I'm so disappointed at the meals I've been served here. My hot wings have never been pleasurable at all from the size,the dryness is just too much. I really love my wings but I really unsatisfied and didn't want to complain but it seems like a norm.
    Mokopane,Chicken Licken,Thabo Mbeki Street

  • Nelesh

    Mon, Aug 21 04:07 AM 08****600

    We bought chicken licken in Welkom and we found feathers on the chicken, it was horrible and had to throw our entire order away.
    Disgusting service, will never order again.

  • Bryan Abrahams

    Fri, Jul 07 12:44 PM 07****381

    It is most disgusting with my repeated experience with the poor quality of the chicken wings bought from your cresta shop. It is my fourth time I bought wings and found hair on it and I mean white chicken hair. I have the pieces and prepared to take this matter up with the health department if I don't get proper reasons for this poor quality product sold at premium prices. I also had this bad experience with your store on main. I am very disappointed on how this brand disregards customer care and proper quality control. I will expose this poor quality if I don't get proper feedback and not excuses!!!

  • Sako

    Thu, Jun 29 12:25 PM 07****022

    Wish to raise my concern about the manager of Bloed Mall -Pretoria Vander Walt Str Manager, Always when he is on duty he does not wear anything on his head. Is it because is not African? Or because the place is frequent by Africans and he doesnt care? All Africans wear hats to cover their hair but he sells moves around without his hair covered.
    Kindly bring this to his attention

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