Little Nero's

Little Nero's is proud to present 2 private function rooms, we can accommodate up to 120 people.


Hours not available. Please contact Little Nero's at 011 8234378.

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  • Dylan

    Wed, Jun 19 04:38 AM 07****599

    Terrible food, as in disgusting… I didn’t even finish my 1st plate, never mind go back for 2nds at a buffet. Management obviously descends from the owners and personally I don’t think a child should be a floor manager, especially when she throws a fit of temper like a toddler. Hidden costs on the bill so if you are going to eat here make sure you don’t overdo it on the alcohol and check your bill before you pay. The waitresses are very nice though, so I’ll give half a star for that. Everything else is a shambles. It really is a joke.

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