Home Affairs (Bloemfontein)

051 4127100

Births, Marriages, Deaths, Passports, Permitts, Citizenship, Immigration, Late Registration of Birth


Hours not available. Please contact Home Affairs (Bloemfontein) 051 4127100.
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  • Estelle Compion

    Wed, Oct 08 03:47 AM 07****326

    Uiters fustrerend want hul antwoord nie hul telefoon nie en Botshabelo kantoor kan nie behulpsaam wees om te se of Bloemfontein kantoor Saterdae oop is nie.

  • eXo

    Wed, Aug 06 02:06 AM

    fooken useless bunch die, die blerriie fone lui die hele dam dag

  • Anita

    Tue, Apr 22 11:37 PM 08****131

    I agree with Thabie and the rest of the "clients" - I don't know why a telephone line is even installed as after the switchboard, no one answers!! Fire the lot and get workers in who are desperate for a job.

  • thabie

    Mon, Jan 27 11:31 PM 05****055

    I have neve experience such a poor service, what are the telephone for if they are not going to be answered, the worst part somebody took it and place it aside I could hear the musing and the talks in the office

  • Andriesa Nel

    Mon, Nov 04 10:24 PM

    What de hell, is the people at work or are they drinking tea the whole day. Nobody answer the telephone.

  • Gladys

    Wed, Sep 25 01:38 AM 08****319

    No answer, Bloemfontein Home affairs

  • Dorothy

    Mon, Sep 16 04:03 AM +2****914

    I keep phoning and now one answers the phone in Bloemfontein Home affairs

  • stefani

    Tue, Jul 09 03:10 AM 08****688

    the poorest service ever! no answering of phones whatsoever

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